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    Approximately 3,000 individuals will receive a mesothelioma diagnosis each year in just the United States alone -- 2500 of those victims lose their lives to the disease. Globally, over 43,000 people die from mesothelioma each year. With COVID-19 making a comeback and mesothelioma being a high risk cancer for aging adults, it's more important than ever now that we support the elderly with weakened immune and respiratory systems. Understanding mesothelioma cell types is important for proper treatment.Read more here -
    Cytologystuff is an educational service provided to cytotechnologists,
    pathologists and other professionals by Hologic, Inc., formerly Cytyc
    Corporation. This website features ThinPrep® Gyn  and Non-Gyn morphology,
    as well as other training materials.
    An atlas containing 349 images of both conventional and liquid based samples. Uses Bethesda 2001 classification. Self-assessment is possible.





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